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Pedicure Service at Home


A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails, analogous to a manicure.

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Classic Pedicure

 Indulge in the timeless ritual of a classic pedicure, where each step is a gentle caress of care. From soaking to shaping, this treatment optimizes the well-being of your feet, leaving you with a renewed sense of comfort and positivity.

Detox Treatment for Hands

 Extend the rejuvenation beyond the feet with a detox treatment for hands. This addition transcends traditional pedicure boundaries, ensuring a holistic sense of well-being that starts from the tips of your fingers to the soles of your feet.

Cut & File

Precision meets elegance with the cut and file technique. Every meticulous cut and gentle file optimizes the natural beauty of your nails, transforming them into a canvas of refined grace.

Callus Removal

Bid farewell to discomfort with callus removal, a process that optimizes foot health. This meticulous step not only enhances the appearance of your feet but also ensures a renewed and optimized level of comfort.

Normal Polish

 Opt for a normal polish, adding a touch of color that reflects your mood and style. This choice is not just about aesthetics but about expressing yourself through a spectrum of shades, infusing every step with a burst of positivity.

Change Polish

The freedom to change polish colors offers an ever-evolving expression of your personality. Each change is an opportunity to optimize your style, reflecting the dynamic and positive spirit within.

Breathable Polish

Choose breathable polish for an optimized experience that cares for your nails. This innovative approach ensures not only style but also health, allowing your nails to breathe and flourish.

French Nails / Gel French Nails

Embrace timeless elegance with French nails or add a touch of durability with gel French nails. This choice optimizes your pedicure, elevating it to a level of sophistication that mirrors your refined taste.

Gel Polish Removal with Cleaning Plus Cut & File

 Even the removal process is an optimized affair. With gel polish removal accompanied by cleaning, cut, and file, the focus is on preserving the health and beauty of your nails, ensuring an optimized transition between styles.

In the realm of pedicure, each step is an optimized journey toward wellness and self-expression. Beyond the cosmetic treatment, it’s an affirmation of self-care that leaves you not just with beautifully groomed feet but with a renewed sense of positivity and well-being at every step.