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In Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, Glow Beauty redefines luxury and convenience with its premier women’s home service salon abu dhabi. Bringing the refined ambiance of a high-end beauty parlour right to your doorstep, Glow Beauty transforms your living space into a private beauty retreat, offering a seamless blend of professional care and ultimate comfort. Whether it’s revamping your hairstyle, pampering your skin, or perfecting your nails, our best hair salon in abu dhabi for ladies caters to every aspect of beauty with unmatched expertise.

Book a Luxury Home Service Salon Abu Dhabi


Get Home Service Salon Abu Dhabi from fully professional trained beauticians, hair stylists, manicure, pedicure heena-design, and massage therapists. 

We take bookings seven days in a week and the service costs starting frem AED 20. You can put your trust in Glow Beauty because we only vetted and highly expert beauty technicians make the cut. They know what they are doing so you can enjoy the best home service salon abu dhabi 

Taking care of yourself cann’t only help you look extraordinary but is also pertinent for your mental health. Home service salon abu dhabi can be extremely convenient as they allow you to relax at home and avoid the commute. We understand that it can be difficult to take time out of your busy schedule, so, we are bringing all these services to you.

Introduction of Super premium Home Service Salon Abu Dhabi 


For those new to the concept, home service salon abu dhabi, or beauty services at home for ladies, bring the full suite of a traditional beauty center offerings right to your gateway. This means you can get professional beauty treatments like those you would find in a ladies salon in Abu Dhabi but in the privacy and convenience of your home. Glow Beauty specializes in providing these home  salon services at in Abu Dhabi, ensuring each client enjoys a seamless and personalized beauty experience.

In-Depth Home Beauty Services in Abu Dhabi 

Glow Beauty home service salon in Abu Dhabi is meticulously designed to encapsulate the full spectrum of a traditional ladies salon experience without the need for you to leave at your home. This service is a boon for busy individuals seeking luxary beauty services at home, ranging from expert hair care to luxurious skincare. As a leading ladies hair salon in Abu Dhabi, we ensure each service is executed with precision and personalized to meet your unique beauty needs


ladies salon home service abu dhabi

Why choose Home Service Salon Abu Dhabi?

Choosing home service salon abu dhabi over traditional salons offers several advantages:

Maximum benefit: Save your time and avoid the hassle of traveling. Our best home beauty service salon in Abu Dhabi fit neatly into your busy time.

Customized Care: Each service is tailored to meet your specific beauty needs and preferences, something that’s often not possible in general salons.

Privacy : Feel completely at relax in your own space, without concerns about privacy  that can come with traditional salon visits.

Flexible Scheduling: Many home service salons offer flexible appointment times, making it easier to fit beauty treatments into your busy schedule.

Comfort: Being in your own environment can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable during the treatment.

Hygiene: You have control over the cleanliness of your space, which can be a significant advantage, especially if you have concerns about sanitation.

Family-Friendly: If you have children or other family members at home, you can continue to supervise or care for them while receiving your treatment.

Choosing a reputable home service salon  Abu Dhabi ensures that you get premium services with the added benefits of convenience and comfort.

How to work in a home service salon abu dhabi?
Speak out some short questions describing the salon service at you need.

For any at-home beauty services you require, everyone of our beauticians has undergone extensive training and screening.

As you take some time to relax, let our skilled staff take care of you.

Wide Range of Home Service Salon Abu Dhabi 

After a long day, the thought of visiting a general salon can be daunting. With Glow Beauty doorstep Home Service Salon, you can enjoy professional beauty treatments at your convenience, right in your home. Here are the salon services provided by Glow Beauty, along with their benefits:

Moroccan Bath:

A Moroccan bath, also referred to as a Hammam, is a customary skin-cleansing procedure that entails multiple steps for detoxification and exfoliation. What usually occurs in a Moroccan bath is as follows:

Steam Room: To start, you take a few minutes to relax your muscles and open your pores in a steam chamber. This aids in getting your skin ready for cleaning.

Black Soap: After opening your pores, your body is treated with a unique black soap containing eucalyptus and olive oil. Exfoliating and moisturizing qualities are well-known for this soap. 

Rinse and Mask: Your body is fully cleaned after exfoliation, and occasionally a clay or mud mask is used. Your skin can receive additional nourishment and detoxification with this mask.

Moisturizing: Finally, your skin is moisturized with natural oils or lotions, leaving it soft and hydrated.

Hair Services:

We offer: trending trimming, styling, and deep conditioning treatments.

Advantage: Enhance your hair’s health and appearance without the Struggle of traveling to a salon. Our services promote hair growth, restore moisture, and improve hair texture, all tailored to your hair type.

Hair Removal:

We offer : The intentional removal of facial or body hair is referred to as hair removal, epilation, or depilation.

Nail Services:

We Offer : manicures and pedicures with a difference of polish options and advanced nail care treatments.

Advantage: Maintain well-groomed nails while enjoying a relaxing treatment that also cares for your cuticles and skin. Our services not only beautify your nails but also include massages that improve circulation and promote relaxation.

Massage: There are many distinct kinds of massages, and each has unique advantages and sensations. The following list of popular massage types includes descriptions

Deep Tissue Massage:

This method concentrates on the muscle tissue’s deeper levels. To relieve chronic muscle tension, deeper finger pressure and slower strokes are used to tense areas.

Advantage:  Helps with muscle pain and stiffness, mainly in the back, shoulders, and neck.

Hot Stone Massage:

The therapist applies smooth, hot stones to particular body parts and may also use them to massage those places.

Advantage: enhances blood circulation, reduces stiffness in the muscles, and encourages relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage:

Essential oils used in this massage can be absorbed through the skin or breathed in. Typically, the therapist modifies the oils to meet certain needs.

Advantage: improves happiness, reduces tension, and encourages general relaxation and wellbeing.

Sports Massage:

This massage, which is specifically tailored for athletes, works on the muscle-tendon junctions to increase range of motion, guard against injuries, and boost performance.

Advantage: improves flexibility, lessens muscle soreness, and speeds up the healing process after injuries.

Skin Services:

We offer: customized facial treatments for several skin types and concerns.

Advantage: Rejuvenate your skin with facials that cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate. Our facials experts help reduce signs of aging, treat skin issues, and leave your skin looking more radiant and feeling softer.

Heena Design​ : 

Henna design, sometimes called mehndi, is a type of body art in which the skin is painted with elaborate designs made of henna paste.


  1. The majority of skin types can use henna because it is a safe and natural dye. 
  2. As henna designs fade over time typically 1-3 weeks they allow for more creative and original designs than permanent tattoos.
  3. Using henna designs is a means to participate in customary practices and display one’s cultural identity.

Waxing Services:

Waxing that is both gentle and effective for all skin types

Advantage : Take advantage of waxing’s reduced pain and less skin irritation to enjoy long-lasting smoothness. Without the agony that comes with waxing, our services offer a quick and easy approach to keep smooth skin.

 Enjoy the ease and comfort of Glow Beauty beauty  home services salon in Abu Dhabi, designed to pamper you on your own time and at your own pace. Our services not only save you time but also provide a personalized and luxurious salon experience in the privacy of your home.


Advantages of Opting for a Home Services Salon 


ladies salon home service abu dhabi


Choosing Glow Beauty for your beauty parlor at home services in Abu Dhabi offers a lot of advantages that enhance your beauty regimen while simplifying your lifestyle. Here’s a detailed look at the reward you can expect:

Unmatched  satisfaction:

Time saving: Say tata to the time spent commuting and waiting at a general salon. Our beautician-at-home service brings the salon experience directly to you, allowing you to receive treatments without stepping outside your door.

Instant Service: No more waiting for your appointment. Schedule services at your convenience, and our professionals will be there right when you need them.


Enjoy treatments in the comfort of your home, which can be more relaxing and stress-free.Avoid waiting in a general salon, ensuring your time is used efficiently.

Whether you prefer the living room, bedroom, or any other area of your home, our expert will set up the perfect place for your treatment, ensuring maximum comfort.

Personalized Service

Take advantage of services that are tailored to your individual requirements and interests. Communicate directly with the beauty expert without distractions, ensuring your requirements are fully understood.


This is great for people who value their privacy, including those undergoing medical or personal treatment. especially useful for those who have social anxiety or discomfort in crowded environments.

You have the beautician’s full attention, which ensures careful attention to detail and a focus on providing the best outcomes possible, unlike in busy salons.

Safety and Hygiene

Maintain a clean and secure environment by managing your personal hygiene routine. Reduce your exposure to other clients, especially in the event of a pandemic or other health emergency.

Flexible Scheduling:


Save money on transportation, parking, and other travel-related expenses. Home services often offer competitive pricing compared to high quality home services in salons.  

A growing number of people are choosing home services salons because we offer the greatest professional wellness and beauty treatments combined with the ease and comfort of home.

Why Choose Glow Beauty for Your Home Service Beauty Parlor in Abu Dhabi? 

Glow Beauty for Your Home Service Beauty Parlor in Abu Dhabi stands out as not just another home beauty service in Abu Dhabi; we represent the epitome of beauty and personal care. Here’s why choosing Glow Beaquty as your home services salon in Abu Dhabi will enhance your beauty regimen:

Professional and Experienced Staff

Our staff consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals that know how to deliver the newest beauty trends and best treatments straight to your home. To maintain the best standards of service, every beautician undergoes extensive training.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Glow Beauty provides a wide range of beauty and wellness treatments, including facials, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, styling, and coloring.

Glow Beauty offers customized services to meet specific requirements and events, including Moroccan baths, henna designs, and bridal cosmetics.

Premium-quality Beauty Products:

We only use the best products from reputable and well-known companies, such L’Oréal, OPI, Essie, Casmara, and Dr. Renaud. These products are hand-picked to guarantee efficacy, safety, and quality in all of our treatments. These businesses are well-known throughout the world for their dedication to quality and conformity to contemporary beauty standards.

Convenience and Flexibility

Take advantage of beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home to save the stress and wasted time of traveling.

Make appointments whenever it’s most convenient for you, including on the weekends and in the evenings, to give yourself maximum freedom.

Personalized Attention

Glow Beauty  Get specialized services that are designed to meet your unique tastes and aesthetic standards.

Take advantage of individualized attention and care that guarantees your demands are recognized and satisfied.

Safety and Hygiene

Glow Beauty guarantees a hygienic and sterile environment for your treatments by adhering to strict hygiene and safety regulations.

To maintain the highest standard of hygiene, use disposable goods and personal care kits.

Affordable Pricing

Glow Beauty provides services at affordable rates, giving customers value without sacrificing quality. Bundle Discounts They frequently provide alluring discounts and bundle offers, which lower the cost of routine beauty care.

Customer Satisfaction

Glow Beauty home service salon in abu dhabi has a strong reputation and positive reviews from happy clients, reflecting their commitment to excellent service.

We value customer feedback and continually strive to improve our services based on client suggestions and experiences.

Easy to Booking

Easy Booking Process Use our user-friendly website to book appointments quickly and easily, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Choosing Glow Beauty means selecting a service that understands and truly values your personal care needs, offering a luxurious and personalized salon experience in the comfort and privacy of your home. With Glow Beauty, every treatment is an opportunity for pampering, relaxation, and rejuvenation, brought directly to you by the best in the job.


Frequently asked question

What should I wear during the home services salon treatment?

relaxed clothes that is suitable for the kind of service. A robe or a strapless top, for instance, can be perfect for facials, but for hair treatments, something easy and quickly detachable is better.

How do I prepare for a home service salon Abu Dhabi?

Make sure the beautician has a ready-made location where they may set up their equipment. If any electrical tools are needed, this area has to be well-lit and close to a power source. A local water source is also advantageous for services that might need it.

How long do the Home Service Salon in Abu Dhabi take?

The time length depends on the type and extent of the service requested. Simple services like hair cuts may take less time, whereas more detailed services manicures, facials, waxing and pedicures can take longer.

How often should I schedule these ladies beauty services salon at home in Abu Dhabi?

The frequency of consultations can change depending on your skin type, personal hygiene regimen, hair growth pace, and other unique characteristics. You can work with our beauticians to choose the most convenient timetable for continued treatment.

What products are used during the services?

We only utilize high-quality, safe, and hypoallergenic products. Famous brands that are well-known for their excellence and compatibility with different skin and hair types are included in our list.

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